Case studies

The aim of the analysis is to determine the representation of the observed brands in the media, the quality of media coverage of each brand and their models.

In addition to the standard quantification of all parameters, both of the publication (starting with the content to the parameters of the form) and the media (assumed scope of the publication and media), this specific analysis also includes parameters specifically related to the automotive industry.

By monitoring the content created on the topic of Rijeka 2020 by users of social networks, we collect and deliver data to the client once a month in the form of an analysis with the aim of strategic planning and consideration of the scope and effects of communication.

Apart from assessing the effectiveness of the media campaign on the visibility and positive reputation of the event itself, the analysis also assesses the effects for sponsors, measuring the quantity, frequency, and quality of their media visibility in the context of the Rijeka Carnival.

Key services to help PR and marketing teams to coordinate and control activities in different markets for the world’s largest furniture retailer.

Media analysis was focused on targeted key topics in the observed period, with an emphasis on tonality, which shows whether the way of reporting on these topics was positive or negative.