Renault Nissan Croatia – Content analysis


In addition to the standard quantification of all parameters, both of the publication (starting with the content to the parameters of the form) and the media (assumed scope of the publication and media), this specific analysis also includes parameters specifically related to the automotive industry:

  • vehicle attributes in tests
  • prominent disadvantages/advantages of tested vehicles
  • key messages sent to the public about the model
  • comparative tests with selected competitors

The aim of such a specific analysis is to enable a more subtle mutual differentiation of reports, which allows us to make an informed assessment of the importance of each individual medium and the media as a whole. In this way, the client is provided with a deeper insight into the importance given to them by each individual medium, and can ultimately assess how profitable it is to cooperate with a particular medium, i.e. journalist.


Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia

Beginning of cooperation


Media sample

Selected 50 media (per country)