Social media monitoring and analysis

Metricom – a tool for monitoring and analysing communication on social networks.

Metricom tracks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, forums, portals and article comments in countries in the region (Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, BH, Macedonia, Montenegro), and Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is optimised to search for content in local languages, providing quality and relevant results. The tool enables the following:

Be regularly and promptly informed about everything social network users write about your brand, your competition or industry. Use this information to respond to a user in a timely manner, build image and trust, or measure the impact of your campaigns. Metricom delivers publications in real time, together with the data on reach, engagement, sentiment, influencer from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, Pinterest, but also forums and Usenet groups, as well as comments below media articles from more than 1,000 regional web portals and 170 forums / article comments. And that number continues to grow on daily basis!

Metricom is available as a desk or mobile application.

Social networks are internet channels that include 3 types of content categories:

  • Paid content – a sponsored tweet, FB ad
  • Proprietary content – company or brand FB and Twitter profiles, branded YouTube sites, company websites, online communities, etc.
  • Earned – third-party discussions on social networks, comments, transfer of content, links, videos and images posted by individuals

In order to be considered a social network, the communication channel must allow DIALOGUE

Why Metricom?

PR controller

For automatic monitoring of the visibility of your press releases on web portals.

All you need to do is add

to the distribution list when sending your press release. The app will then monitor web portals for the following fifteen days and deliver to you completed reports at the selected frequency (daily/weekly/monthly) with information on when and where the release was published.

And yes, it covers an UNLIMITED number of press releases!

Influencers’ database

Make use of our extensive database of social media users to detect influencers who are important to you, your business or product/brand. By ranking authors according to their reach and engagement, you can easily see the impact of those who write about your business or industry. These authors may become your brand ambassadors, or they already are without you knowing it. Likewise, they can also pose a threat to you, so you need to detect it on time and react.

News feed is an overview of the full content of monitored web portals and social media sites. It gives you an insight into various current news and topics.

The trends rank news according to engagement, indicating which topics are currently the most popular (most read, most shared and commented).