About us

We have been measuring the impact of media communications since 1996.!

MediaNet is the first agency in Southeast Europe specialised in media analysis and evaluation of media communication.

We provide our customers with complete insight into the impact of media communications through a combination of desk and field research.

MediaNet was the first analytical research company in the region to become a full member of the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC).Full membership means that, in addition to meeting high quality standards regarding the methodology applied, we also meet the requirements regarding the amount of revenue generated from the media communication evaluation business.

We are part of the Newton Media Southeast Europe Group, which brings together 13 agencies from Southeast Europe specialised in media monitoring, media analysis, translation, market research, and smart technological solutions. Our own technology, developed with top-of-the-line experts, allows us to adapt to the needs of our users.

Why us?

We help you save money – media monitoring is a costly and demanding job that requires a lot of human work, good organisation and cutting edge technology.
In order to make a high-quality analysis of media visibility, monitoring has to be comprehensive. With us you get an analysis of the full media visibility in bot off- and on-line media, and we can select for you only the key articles/media publications.
We are experts in measuring the impact of communication.

As market leaders with years of experience, we are proud to be the first in the region to adopt an integrated approach that includes all the services and products needed to evaluate communication, from media monitoring and social networks, analytics, ad monitoring and translation services to research projects, such as media consumption research, mystery shopping and designed field research for checking the final impact of media exposure.

You can order all services individually, depending on your needs and capacities, or in a package, as a single report evaluating your media communication, its effects and potential impact, allowing you to continuously keep track of the trends and anticipate future events. 

With our help you will reduce the number of errors in your communication campaigns and be able to promptly identify and eliminate activities that are not producing the desired results; you will make considerable cost cuts by not having to monitor and analyze the media on your own, while minimizing the risk of not monitoring the media at all and not checking the pulse of your consumers.

Newton Media Group is the largest monitoring and media analysis group in Central and Southeast Europe.

The group has more than 500 employees in 24 companies across Europe and is serving more than 4,000 users. Drawing data from more than 20,000 print media, 1,500 TV channels and radio stations, and as much as 90,000 online sources, we transform them into useful information through processing and analysis to support strategic communication and business planning of our users.
Newton Media Group in Croatia includes MediaNet and Presscut, Newton Research Adria, Newton Technologies Adria, Briefing mediji i analize.