Advertising monitoring

You have created new ads and launched them in the media as part of your marketing campaign. Now you want to know how your media plan has worked out and how the competition is being advertised. With a MediaNet report, you will be able to check how your media plan is being implemented and learn where and how your competitors are advertised, and how much they invest in leasing media space. MediaNet will give you an insight into the creative solutions of your competitors since 2002, making it easier to create original and imaginative slogans, visual solutions and entire campaigns.

Exceptionally useful for marketing departments, these reports allow them to control the implementation of their media plans, see creative solutions and advertising strategy of the competition, thus optimising the effectiveness of their own advertising campaigns.

Our database covers creative advertising solutions from the printed media, television and outdoor ads since 2002.

We deliver every new ad published for the first time to your email on daily basis. Our reports allow you to control the implementation of your media plan and see how and where your competition is advertised.

The advertising reports will provide information about your total investment in media space, chosen advertisers, products, slogans, size and position of advertisements, voice message content, advertising by media types, etc.

We offer:

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