Market research

Market research and public opinion surveys, conducted in cooperation with the users, are focused on tackling problems and meeting targets, applying different techniques, methods and samples.

Are you planning a new communication campaign or do you want to check the success of your already implemented campaign? In addition to market research services, MediaNet offers help in planning all elements of communication media campaign and their final evaluation. We provide each customer with additional value in planning activities through the following types of thematic surveys:

Focused on checking the communication impact of marketing and PR campaigns, our research includes a range of methods, research techniques and samples tailored to a specific objective.
We create market research projects aimed at tackling problems and meeting your targets, using different research techniques, methods and samples.

Telefonsko anketiranje (CATI)

Anketiranje putem interneta (CAWI)

Anketiranje u kućanstvima putem papirnatih upitnika (PAPI) ili tableta (CAPI)

Anketiranje na određenoj frekventnoj lokaciji ili na prodajnom mjestu (CAPI CLT)

Mystery Shopping (tajna kupnja)

Desk istraživanja (istraživanje eksternih i internih izvora podataka)

Fokus grupe

Tailor made research (CATI, CAWI, CAPI)

Depending on your needs and requirements, we will create a research that will give you only the information you need to help your business grow. We perform all kinds of quantitative and qualitative field research and desk research using the highest standards in research methodology. Samples are defined in accordance with the research targets and customer’s specific needs: representative sample of the Croatian population, specialist sample, a sample fitting a specific purpose, a sample of special social groups.

Omnibus surveys on a representative sample of 1,000 respondents, Croatian citizens 18+, are conducted at MediaNet 3 – 4 times a year. The basic set of questions relates to media consumption – which media do residents follow, when and how often.

You can add to the omnibus your set of 3 up to 5 simple (closed) questions. And regularly monitor:

At the end of the day, you get a complete mini-survey with all socio-demographic indicators and basic data on media consumption, which allows you to get to your target groups better through a selection of appropriate communication channels.


OTS or reach data are an integral part of reports on media publications of the world media-monitoring agencies and are a standard part of the process of monitoring, selecting and evaluating media content.

We collect the audience/consumption data from our own longitudinal surveys representative of the adult population of Croatia, which are conducted at regular intervals 4 times per year on 1,000 respondents, through CATI and online panel

With us, you can order your target audience profile based on respondents’ socio-demographic characteristics and the way they consume media content.

Campaign reach – reach of individual posts is taken to calculate the campaign reach, as the maximum possible number of residents who have had the opportunity to see at least one campaign publication.

How do we calculate campaign reach?

Number of media A consumers + number of media B consumers + number of media C consumers, etc. minus the number of consumers who simultaneously consume two or more media included in the formula (e.g. they consume media A and B at the same time).

The mentioned media (media A, B, C…) are the ones that reported on the campaign. The number obtained is the assumed reach of the campaign and shows how many people had the opportunity to see media publications about the campaign.

Online surveys

Online surveys are performed on a panel of respondents or by contacting email addresses from your user or employee database.

Benefits of online surveys

Additional options

Anketiranje na vašoj bazi korisnika ili zaposlenika

Istraživanje interne javnosti

Informiranje korisnika o novim proizvodima/uslugama

Dobivanje povratne informacije o potrebama korisnika